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2005 2.0 Chugging

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Hey everyone! Hoping to get some help here... My daughter has an 05 bettle, 2.0 with 6 speed automatic. There are just under 120k miles on it. Around 40 mph, in 4th gear, the car chugs, especially if you are trying to maintain the speed... If I accelerate faster, and blow right past 40 mph, there are no issues. I have replaced the fuel pump and filter, and both O2 sensors. Has anyone experienced this, or possibly have some ideas on how to fix it? Would greatly appreciate any help!
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Have you scanned for any codes?
It looks like you have replaced; quite a few parts. Can you tell us, what brand the parts were; getting a oem fuel pump, is particularly important (stick with oem Bosch or VDO). As noted, above; do you have access to a scan tool?
Have you scanned for any codes?
Yes, I have scanned for codes, and none were present... The car also just passed smog check (California)
It look like you have replaced; quite a few parts. Can you tell us, what brand the parts were; getting a oem fuel pump, is particularly important (stick with oem Bosch or VDO). As noted, above; do you have access to a scan tool?
Yes, the parts installed were Bosch, and no codes are present...
What scan tool; are you using? Do you think, the problem is specifically related to the engine or transmission, since you are in 4th gear? Outside of 4th hear; does the engine have full power, accelerate and act normally? How do you fell the transmission shifts; any issues there or feels normal?

Also, when you say “chugs”; what does this mean to you? For example, is the engine hesitating, falling on its face with no power, misfiring, dying and then recovering with power restored, etc?

For more in depth diagnosis, you may need a factory level scan tool, like vcds by ross tech; to read trouble codes and view live data, to really see, what is going on (for example if your transmission is acting up?).
To be fair, my scan tool is old, and basic... As far as if it is engine or transmission, it's hard to tell... Under heavy acceleration, the car seems to run normal. No loss of power, no chugging, no misfire... I may have to look into a better scan tool to read live data...
What scan tool; are you using?

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Actron PocketScan (CP9125) old and very basic... But as I mentioned, the vehicle also passed California smog test so if any codes were present, I believe the car would have failed the smog test...
Well, this would be a good time to invest in a VW scan tool; VCDS by Ross Tech and OBDEleven, are the most popular, then there are the many "VAG" type scanner on Amazon.

Thank you! I started looking at the VCDS, but I don't have a computer... OBDEleven may be the way to go. In looking at the VAG options I was wondering if there is a cross platform scan tool I can use on different manufacturers, or should I stay with VW specific?
Well, I guess, that depends on you, how much you work on cars and what other brands you have, to maintain. The better scanners, are typically under $200 for a VW specific one (there are more expensive versions; that can do high level work on many brands); it is nice to have something, in your glove box, that is always there, in case a light comes on and you can see what is going on (even a cheap one; is better then nothing).

OBD11, has a cheap 1st generation version, that is colored black/white @ $69 that runs on Android devices and then, the later version, runs on Android & /iOS/Apple. So, I guess it depends on how capable of a scan tool you want; the "VAG" scanners, tend to be handheld stand alone tools and don't require a separate device to run it but these days, the better tools like VCDS, OBD11 are internet connected, have updates, can do advanced coding, live data and are more useful, then many of the "VAG" types, which tend to be Chinese knockoffs.

So, let us know, what your car situation is (how many; what brands,etc), if you have any smart phones or tables (windows, iOS/Apple or Android) and how much, you see, using your scanner to repair cars or your VW?

IF you want to research between VCDS vs OBD11; there are some videos on youtube you can watch.

As to not having a computer; you can pick up a cheap Windows based sub notebook or laptop; for really cheap these days and the system requirements to run VCDS are low, so you could buy a used one or see, if a family member or friend, has one they will let you have, that they don't use anymore.
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Very cool, thank you! I mostly work on my daughters cars, Kia Forte, and the Beetle, but I also have a newer Honda Accord, and a Ford Edge. As far as smart phones, there are both Android and iOS in the house. I will definitely do the research before making a purchase.
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