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2005 2.0L Automatic Convertible Fuel System Puzzle

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I have read quite few posts on this subject but was not able to find a solution so far. The car runs when spraying carb cleaner into the intake and will also run for a few seconds on its after clearing the engine codes (Maxicom MK808). A few subsystems get the 01314 but the consistent issue is in the ECU with 16585/P0201, 16586/P0202, 16587/P0203, and 16588/P0204 - Injector circuit failure.

Everything was working ok until my wife put a hole in the transmission pan pulling up to a curb that was exactly the right height. After getting it towed home, putting on a new pan, filling it with transmission fluid and trying to start it a few days later it wouldn't start for the first time in 10 years that isn't related to the battery it goes through every 18 months, which is a separate story.

I opened the hood and could tell that a packrat had visited and chewed some of the driver side headlight running light wires and a new curb sensor wire I was in the middle of installing and have not yet wired into the fuse panel. They like the newest wires the best since they smell most like the bean oil the sheeting is made with ;) The packrat was likely hanging out right by the air intake / radiator temp sensor.

After careful inspection from on top through the main path of the harness under the battery plate and from the ground up front to back and haven't been able to find any other chew like damage but it did tear out part of the firewall by the rubber fuel lines. I have verified that the fuel pump is working, have replaced the fuel filter (OEM part), replaced the purge valve (Bosch part) with the arrow pointing to the intake manifold hose (it was clogged with carbon), replaced the 409 relay (OEM), verified the fuses are good for 28 and 43 (a little loose of connection for my liking).

Tested the fuel pressure using the Schrader valve at 50 PSI with key on and drops to 30 psi after sitting for ten minutes.
The Purge Valve briefly reads 9 volts when the key is turned to run position (not start) on pin 1 and 3.34 volts on pin2.
Since all injectors have same error code I checked the easiest one to get at and both pins read 3.34 volts with key in run position.

Not sure if the injector wire pins should be the same voltage or what else needs to be done to get the car back running. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Cyl.4, Injector Circuit Fault in electrical circuit

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The odds of all the injectors failing are remote; since, there are signs of rodent harness damage, i would be inspecting the harness for damage. Normally when we get a wide range of fuel delievery related electrical specific codes; it points to the fuel pump relay being faulty. The oem fuel pump relays are made by Stribel; aftermarket versions are known to cause problems.

You might try a noid light; to help troubleshoot things and confirm injector pulse.

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