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I have a 2005 Beetle Turbo Convertible, Black over beige leather for sale. Here is the story....

Link to pictures:

Note: this is how the car was after the accident, I only vacuumed up the glass from the interior, nothing else was done.

This was my wife's car and she was travelling to work when a semi didn't see her and forced her off the highway. The damage is pretty superficial in my opinion. The car drives, in fact I drove it home from the towing place and also to a storage unit where it currently sits. I was able to drive it 45-50 mph with no issues. The airbags did NOT blow, but the rollover protection did deploy (I pushed them back down); the car did not roll. There are no CEL's or other warning lights lit, the engine sounds just like it did before the accident and the transmission shifts fine. I cannot hear any new or unusual noises. The top opens and closes normally and there are no other driveability issues with the car. The insurance company valued the car at $11678.00

Here is what I know about the damage.

Absolutely need to replace:

Driver fenders (both front and back)
Driver side door skin w/window
Lower valance (below the door)
Both Driver side wheels

Could require replacement (not sure):

Back bumper cover
Suspension pieces in both wheels (not sure which if any, don't know if the vibration at 50mph is due to the wheels or due to tie rod ends, etc.)

That's about it. You can see from the pictures what I am talking about. This car was babied and was in excellent condition before the accident. It was always garaged and detailed regularly. It has the turbo engine with automatic transmission and leather sport seats.

I am asking $4500 for the salvage obviously this is negotiable, but that number seems in line with some I have seen on Ebay with more miles or that were not in as good of condition as this car is.

Please let me know your thoughts on this...Post/PM if you have further questions.


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