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I've had nothing but problems with my car lately and am very frustrated. It all began with a tire rotation. Almost immediately my car felt funny and pulled. Two trips to the shop later they kept telling me my tires were "feathered". After driving around with it for 2 months, my boyfriend finally went with me. Turns out I've been driving around with a broken sway bar link. Awesome. I knew something was wrong and they didn't believe me.

Anyway that was the first problem. Now my abs is kicking in at random. It's usually when I'm slowing down from a slower speed 5-25 miles per hour. I feel the abs kicking in. It almost "growls" at me. Now, at random, the abs light will come on. Like as I'm driving down the road. Then when I turn my car off, and restart it, it goes off.

Of course, the shop can never make it happen. They treat me like I'm crazy, but I know my car. For heaven's sake I'm a chick who drives a stick, I know when something is wrong.

They checked the bearings, all good. They checked the front break pads, good. I'm guessing its a sensor? I've gone through 2 o2 sensors (one of them twice) and a fuel line sensor. That car is always blowing sensors.:mad:

That being said, the shops aren't helping. Any ideas? :confused:

Oh and I'm just over 100,000 miles on the car.
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