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Hello everyone! New to the Beetle world, bought one 2005 Baby Blue for my wife who always wanted this car.

So the car is in very good condition, 147k and no issues except for this: The P2089 code.

I've checked everywhere but it looks like nobody has that code with the Beetle. The car got a coolant leak which was fixed, water pump was broke, so we replace it and put a new timing belt as well.

However, when the car is running and passing from 2nd. to 3rd it seems rought. But that's it, nothing happens in other shifts or going in reversal. Just from 2nd. to 3rd.

Any ideas of what could be the reason? It seems that the P2089 code is related to the camshaft sensor, it maybe got wet from the coolant leak and it needs to be replaced?

Thanks for any insight!
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