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Everett Street in May
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Re-posting of original EMRA thread.

Calling all fellow "racer's" or “interested racer's” living in in the Metro New York or Philadelphia area's. Here is our grassroots’ racing club's schedule for the 2005 Time Trialing events.

EMRA also holds sprint (open wheel series, wheel-to-wheel racing) and Enduro (1 hr and 3 hr) events.

It's a great group of people from all walks of life. I cannot begin to tell you how great an organization it is and how much fun it is to run your car around a "real" track all over the east coast.

EMRA has been a racing organization since 1969, so this is no fly-by-night outfit.

Hope to see some fellow VDub enthusiasts out on the track this year...TechnoTrix'd....:wave3:

2005 Time Trial Schedule

April 15th, 16th, 17th .... Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit ..(see News)
May 8th (Sunday) .... Pocono South
June 5th (Sunday) .... BeaveRun
June 30th (Thursday) .... Pocono North
August 9th (Tuesday) .... Pocono East
September 11th (Sunday) .... Pocono North
September 23rd (Friday) .... Lime Rock
October 23rd (Sunday) .... Watkins Glen
November 20th (Sunday).... Summit Point - Shenandoah Circuit
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