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Hello all, new to the forum and recently purchased a 2005 GLS 2.0L hatch for my daughter for her first car.

It came with more issues than I’m thrilled about (including bad AC compressor, bad crank position sensor, blend door spitting foam, and the driver side door lock actuator failure), but the thing I need help with right now is understanding keys. The car came with one key fob/switchblade that works fine, but I’m not comfortable only having one key. I’ve seen some instructions on programming a new key with an old key, is that possible on my model year? Is my only choice to buy from a dealer?

I went to a local Ace Hardware and they said they could do a new fob cut and programmed for $180. I’ve also seen instructions on VagTacho, but honestly, I don’t know if I’m comfortable working through that as well.

Just looking for a little advice on the most efficient path forward. Thanks in Advance!

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