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I have a 2005 Burnt Orange Convertible GLS with 2.0 and automatic. Less than 70k miles. Heated black leather seats, pioneer radio installed, power driver seat. $3000 or best offer. Potential trade for classic car/guns/motorcycle/anything interesting.

Mechanically: The car runs good. I just replaced the spark plugs. It starts every time. It could still use a tuneup or maybe plug wires but I wouldn't hesitate to hop in it and drive it anywhere I needed to go and mechanically it isn't going to break down on you. It drives like I imagine all new beetles do. Transmission is great. Just had the new valve body put in under VW warranty a few thousand miles ago and had it serviced. I noticed the CV axles are ripped and I bought some to install but haven't got around to it. The AC stopped working recently. The compressor turns on and the car has refrigerant but it doesn't blow cold.

Body: Needs convertible top but is drivable as is. The top itself looks good, the back window has come unglued. I glued the bottom and it is holding, so it doesn't leak or anything. It has some small paint issues around the car and I had the hood repainted because the clear coat flaked in the center of it. There are a couple small places that you could touch up but overall the paint is in acceptable condition for a 10 year old car and taken care of(wax, detailed, touched up) could probably last for the life of the car. No real dents to speak of.

Interior: Typical new beetle interior. The seats aren't ripped or anything but the drivers seat got wet due to the window being down. It isn't cracked or anything horrible but it is slightly harder than the other seats. I've been cleaning and treating it with good leather treatment and it is softening up. The other seats are fine. The rear cup holder is broken. The glove box latch is broken. The door panel skins are coming loose like in most southern beetles. The dash is actually in good shape because I took it off when the rubberized stuff started to melt in the Florida heat and refinished it. You can't tell it was refinished because I matched the interior color perfectly. It has held up for 3 years and looks fine. Heated seats and all that work good. The airbag light is on because my nephew pushed the passenger seat back like an animal and it pinched the wire on the seat belt connection.

Extra: I'll even throw in an old laptop with vagcom on it and an adaptor. It isn't a pretty laptop by any means but it works for it's purpose.

All in all, this is a low mileage new beetle convertible with all the options and a new transmission valve body from VW. I've listed the things that I know of that are wrong with it.
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