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2005 One fog light doesn't work--ideas?

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Hi all,
I just bought a used 2005 beetle and took it to get safety inspected. They said that the left fog light didn't work, so I had them replace the bulb, but the fog light still didn't work. The other fog light seems to be working fine. Could this be a fuse problem? Or where should I start looking to fix this? Thanks for your help!
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Start with the basics; see if you are getting power at the plug, with a automotive 12v circuit tester.

A basic one; should be less than $10.


Got power? Than the bulb or something with the socket is wrong or damaged. Many times; I will swap my "new" bulb; in the opposite side that currently is working. If you see that it works on the opposite side; you know, for sure the bulb is good. Sometimes; a bulb, that looks new or perfectly fine is bad or the wrong bulb, for the application.

Be sure; to wear gloves or cover the bulb with a paper towel when installing it, as you can damage it. If you touched it with your bare hands; clean it with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

No power? Then check fuses and wiring up to the plug; it maybe damaged, this is not uncommon... because the noses get damaged allot on these cars (being low to the ground; debris on the road or parking lot pylons, hits everything on the front and under the front on the car). The light assembly itself could be damaged or the wiring is cut, ripped out of its loom.

Check some things out and let us know; what you find out.

You can look up the correct bulbs here:

Lamp Replacement Guide Home

Here is the service manuals; there are testing procedures:

Volkswagen Workshop Manuals

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I'm guessing it's either a socket or wiring. They should both run off the same fuse.
Thanks for the suggestions and help! I'm going out today to look at it and I'll let you all know what I find.

Quick question re: forum etiquette--I have another question about the brake lights on my beetle, should I start a new post? Or is there a time limit to wait before doing another post? Thank you again for the help!
Go ahead and ask; we are all ears.
Thanks! I actually found the answer to my other question in an older thread, so I'm all good there.

After getting under the car and taking a look at the fog light socket, it looks like the socket is pretty badly rusted/corroded. I wasn't able to test the circuit, but I think I've about reached the limit of my skills/desire to DIY, so I'll take it to my trusted mechanic and see what he says. I do appreciate the friendliness and the help! Thank you!
Well, let us know; how things work out with the mechanic and what ends up being the problem! :)
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