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Hi All,

Just wanted to put this up in case is anyone else might need it.
Ive been looking for something regarding this job, but no luck.

Purchased a ACTRON (9575) code scanner to see what was going on.
The EPC was lit up as well as the check engine lite.

2006 VW, New Beetle, 2.5 L, Convertible

Code P0322 was coming up with the occasional MAP code (forgot the number).
P0322 - Engine Speed Sensor (Crank Sensor) (G28): No Signal
* Engine shuts off while driving
* Engine doesn't start back right away
* Speedometer/Tach inoperative

I had a hard time finding the sensor. Couldn’t really find good details…
But after some searching I found it!
Basically I had to lower the skid plate.
I couldn’t remove it since I didn’t have 12 pt torx :mad:
But, I could lower it enough to get to the hole that the sensor is bolted in.
Removed the 2 bolts with a T-handle allen wrench. I think it was a 5mm.
Sensor came right out. Not tight at all. Just fell out.
Replaced with the new one, and it was a success! Codes cleared, drove about 20 miles. No problems!

Hope this helps. Let me know if I have any mistakes on here… I’m no pro…


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Thank you for posting this info as it will be very helpful to many with this issue.

There is another thread here that relates to this type of problem as well,

I posted up in that thread looking for help and Sharing my trouble with my wife’s 2008 Bug, the car would just shut off while driving without warning! It would shake a bit and shut off at a traffic light…It did this at random without any sort of consistency.

Unlike the OP, the car never through a code or CEL but, after doing some research I found that 2.0L Bug owners had the issue as well. The fix 99% of the time was replacing the engine speed (crack) sensor.

I went on eBay and found a vendor selling genuine VW parts and bought a new factory sensor for $58 bucks.
Like the OP, I put the car up on the lift and started hunting for its location. Found it, replaced it, and problem solved!! The car runs better now (more pep and smoother) besides fixing the random shutting off issue.
I put a code scanner on the car just to see if I had missed it having a CEL but, nothing, the scanner showed that the last time a code scan and clear was performed was at 5k miles and the car now has 53K miles, not bad LOL.

We have owned the little Bug a year now and this is the only issue we have had to fix our self’s. We bought the car from a local Kia dealer in Citrus county Florida and they were great to deal with and buy from!! They gave us a 3 month 3000 mile bumper to bumper warrantee at no extra charge. In this time frame they replaced most of the A/C system and the drivers side power lock electronics. They also removed some graphics (stripes) from the car we did not like.
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