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2006 covert roof issue

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My 06 convertible roof was not working I did the reset for the windows and got the switch working so the auto function was working great for about three weeks. Last week I had a problem with the drivers side front window it came out of the track hubby fixed that, now my top will not work. I did the reset again but now it is not working at all and even when I fold it manually I can only get one side to lock down, the drivers side the latch feels frozen or stuck, the passenger I can move the latch forward to lock that side down any ideas?
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I'd double check the window to make sure it's properly oriented when in the up position. When the glass is installed, there is a procedure in the Bentley Manual to follow to insure that it is properly oriented. It's a pain to do this (I've done it twice), but it insures a proper seal around the window when it's up.
update on roof issue

I did the window reset three times in a row heard a click each time I did the reset then went to my hatch turned the hydralic pump to off then on again hit button for auto roof its working like a charm!:D
And I back to where I started!

put top down no problem when I hit the power window button top won't go back up:mad: any ideas? Ihave top put the top up manually.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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