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I recently bought a 2006 Beetle Convertible 2.5L. The fuse diagram in the original owner's manual is not complete. The card from the interior fuse box is 50% hieroglyphics that I cannot distinguish. Everything that I find online is for different years, and my fuse set up seems to be slightly different. I have compared my diagram to a friend's 2006 convertible and it is identical.

The particular issue that concerns me is that without a complete listing of the fuses, I cannot tell where the automatic transmission fuse is supposed to be. On the diagrams for other years, it is #31 and a 20amp fuse. On my car, #31 is a 5amp fuse, and #31 is not listed in the owner's manual. All of the other 20amp fuses in the fuse box are identified for other functions in my owner's manual guide.

Does anyone have a resource for the complete listing of 2006 fuses?
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