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Okay, I posted this in the 2.5 section but thought I would bring it over here in the hopes someone can help.

2006 NBC with 2.5 auto transmission.

Runs fine for about an hour to hour and a half. Then last week it would lose rpms for about 10 seconds and then recover. This happened with the cruise off and on at highway speeds.

This week same symptoms after 1 hour of driving but now it is doing the losing rpms thing every 30 seconds to a minute or so. Additionally now it is stalling at red lights. Started right back up but continued to sporadically lose rpms/power and then surge back.


I have checked electrical connections and vacuum and airbox connections under the hood, but have not found anything lose or damaged.

I have heard about possible transmission problems, the MAF sensor(i still need to get the security torx to remove and clean), ignition coils, spark plugs and fuel filter.

I am reluctant to remove ignition coils because the d#%N things look like the tops are all plastic and will break if you look sideways at them, much less start tugging on one.

Any suggestions?

Anyone have a homemade tool that can remove the ignition coils?

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