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Hello all.

Up until three days ago I was the owner of a 2006 NBC, which I loved loved loved dearly. Then someone made an illegal left turn and hit me almost head on and totaled my car (I'm mostly OK).

I'm still grieving, but also have to start thinking about getting a new car. My main complaint with my 2006 car was always the windows problems.

I had window regulators break 6 separate times, costing me about $3000 total. (I also replaced the convertible top less than 2 years ago, which is an expected and acceptable expense.) On top of that, the driver side window *never* worked correctly from Day 1 (bought the car brand new). It would randomly just not roll back up that inch or so when I got out of the car and closed it. One time it happened and there was a torrential downpour and my car got drenched and always smelled after that. Because it was random, the VW place could never see it happen and couldn't fix it. Even after I had the regulator replaced on that side, it still did it. Every time, I'd have to crank the car again, roll the window all the way down and back up, and only then would it go back up all the way. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING.

Other than that, I guess I only had routine stuff -- except the tires *never* seemed to stay in alignment and I replaced tires and struts more than I feel like I needed to for a car with only about 110K miles at the time it was totaled).

Anyway. I'm wondering if VW has by chance been able to figure out how to make a decent window that works. I have friends with cars with way more miles than mine (Hondas, Subarus, Toyotas) and they never have these kinds of problems -- at least not as often or consistently as I did. And every other VW owner I've personally known has had this. It's just inconceivable to me that after almost 20 years of this, they can't get it right (my car missed the recall by 1 year, but it's obvious the problem persisted long after 2005).

I would like a 2017 NBC, but also kinda feel like a chump if I get myself back into that aggravation again. I know there's a certain amount of "high cost of ownership" pain that comes with being a Beetle owner, but I guess I'm just on the fence about it. I'm thinking maybe I need to be more practical and get a more mechanically reliable car. OR NOT.

Any info any experts out there can share?
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