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2006 tiptronic auto valve body

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I'm looking into replacing the valve body on my beetle. Shifts like crazy after I've been driving for 15 minutes during cooler temps and after 5 minutes in warm temps.
I'm really confused by the part numbers I'm not sure which one I would have. This car has been a nightmare since driving it home buying it. Wish we would have bought something else. My husband is pretty mechanically inclined and will do the replacing ourself(aka i will insure his drink is full and music keeps playing :) ) he's completely rebuilt the heads in our diesels truck but this car is a huge thorn in his side. We are hoping to fix the valve body and that fixes the problem long enough to sell it.
Anyways what would the valve body by for the 2006 beetle with tiptronic.

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Call Transtar. They sell parts to transmission shops from coast to coast here in the United States.
Give them your VIN number, pick up the part, install it, done.
This will be a permanent fix, nothing temporary about it.
Hopefully you can keep your car! :)

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Pacific Coast Transmissions

I just replaced the valve body in my daughter's 2004 Beetle Convertible. I got it from Pacific Coast Transmissions mainly because I saw the name in all kinds of posts on this board as well as others. They were extremely easy to deal with and I had the valve body within 4 days including the weekend. It was $525 plus a $75 core charge which I'll get back and $25 shipping. It took me right at 8 hours to change it while the car was on ramps.

I'm in the same boat. I was just curious was the valve body a remanufactured and updated one? Did the valve body cure your shifting problems? Was there a time frame on return of the core? I want to go ahead and get the part just not sure when I will get around to replacing it. Seems like a really good price, it's the least expensive I have seen.

Sorry for all the questions but thanks in advance!
Were you ever able to get the part number that you needed? I am in the same boat with my 2005 1.8L Turbo, six speed Tiptronic trans. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I did find the part number. 09G 325 039

My bug is a 2005 convertible with a 2.0.

I found a link that may be helpful.

VBX-Guaranteed Remanufactured Valve Bodies

There are evidently several different valve bodies for the same transmission. That link explains them all.

The valve body swap fixed all my shifting problems.

Pacific Coast Transmissions had a great deal and were super easy to deal with. I just called them and they knew exactly which vavle body I needed.
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I appreciate the response. In what part of the country are you located? If you don't mind, what kind of cost was there associate with the rebuilt Valvebody?


Not a problem. I'm located in Arkansas.

I paid roughly $625 total. $525 for the rebuilt valve body, $25 for shipping and $75 core charge which I got back after I returned my old valve body. So out of pocket all said and done it was $550. That's a whole lot better than a $4000 transmission.

You can also send Pacific Coast YOUR valve body and they will rebuild it.

So far its been three weeks and roughly 250 miles with no issues. I guess time will tell.
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