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2007 beetle stalling part 2

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So the car stalls when put in gear, auto trans, and won't start.It acts as though the battery is dead.But it's a new battery.I was told by a very reliable source that the torque converter could be seizing up putting a draw on the battery.After sitting for a little bit it will start, any thoughts?
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new car

Car is too new for me to properly diagnose or give you any advice I only drive old beaters. LOL :p Sorry I can't halp-ya at this time Hopefully somebody who has worked on a 2007 year model can chime in and help you.
Hey, start with the basics; have the car scanned and post up the trouble codes, we will go from there. There are many possibilities; right now, without any basic testing steps or trouble codes, you are flying blind! Post up those codes! Lets get this thing fixed! :cool:

PS: vcds or a basic scanner; would be a great way to get started with scanning your car. (check on amazon for a "vs450" for a cheap one)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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