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2007 Beetle

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Okay, so I decided to go for it! I recently got a 2007 Beetle with about 57,200 miles on it. It's an automatic transmission. No accidents reported, although I saw black dents under the doors, like the previous owner scraped a high speed bump. (I have seen quite a few high ones here in the Dallas area)

I understand these cars can be quite expensive to repair, so I want to make sure I maintain it properly. However, I'm new to the whole car owning world, and German cars at that. I was hoping y'all would help a newbie out and tell me things that need to be looked at/replaced at this mileage or upcoming mileage.

I actually don't have the car yet, had to leave it at the dealership (a Nissan dealer, btw) because they noticed the driver's back tail light was not working and their mechanic wasn't going to be in until Monday morning. Also, while test driving it, there was one minor jerk when we were getting off the highway and doing an u-turn under the bridge to get back to the dealer. My mother was driving because I felt a little off (my previous experience with that '04 convertible had me on edge and I was feeling like EVERYTHING was about to go out), but she didn't think much of it because it only happened once instead of having four or five jerks in rapid succession like the '04 convertible did. Mom felt pretty good about the car so I went with her judgement... I just hope we both weren't wrong here. Heheh.

I have heard the timing belt might need to be replaced around 60 - 80k miles, but that is all I really found out. I would appreciate any feedback. :3
Thank you!
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07s have the 2.5L inline 5 cyl engine which has a timing chain instead of a belt. Much more durable

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