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2007 Hardtop Antenna/Satelitte

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Just picked up a 2007 Beetle hardtop. Came with a broken antenna and the shop said would be $300 for the part. The car has the satellite option. Can anyone shed light on the antenna and what cheaper/better option there may be available. Not sure if this was a blade or rod antenna since the top part is broken off.
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The attenna on a satelitte radio has the receiver built into it. It is a small dome attenna base and they are expensive to replace. What is broken on yours? If it is just the mast and the threads are good in the anttena base a new mast will fix it.
The base where the mast mounts is broken.
Going to order one from VW Parts | Volkswagen Parts for $230.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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