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2007 NB steering wheel locking mechanism

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2007 2.5 NB with steering lock and/or ignition system issues.

The car belongs to a local individual who was referred to me.

Anyway, as I understand, the steering wheel and/or ignition have been problematic on this car for quite some time. Today, in flat Walmart parking lot, it locked up so bad that jiggling, moving the steering wheel back and forth, etc., was useless to unlock it. They had the car towed home.

I've done a number of Internet searches and read a host of stories about similar problems with most of them not really posting how they solved the issue.

So, it the issue is a broke or worn lock mechanism, is there a source for the part(s) other than the dealer?
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AFAIK, replacement was the solution and genuine VW parts, was the source for the parts. This may change; as the aftermarket starts reproducing parts but from my recollection, vw maybe the only source for now. A quick google search; indicates, the lock cylinder and the switch being reproduced but not the barrel/lock

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