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Hello everyone! Unfortunately my 1998 Fuzzy and Blue Beetle was totaled on March 30th of this year. I had own that car since the day it was born 15 years of great memories!

With that, I found a smokin' nice 2008 used with only 11k miles on it! That's right, for the past 6 years it had been a single owner elderly woman, who told the dealership she only drove it to the post office and church and parked it in her garage the rest of the time!

After getting it home, I began work on making it my own! First order of business was putting my custom wheels and tires on it and removing the VW 17inch rims. So I now have 4 2008 Beetle wheels and tires I would like to sell. I also have more parts I'll be selling soon too.

The wheels came off the vehicle at 11,000K miles! They have not been ridden on since. I haven't been able to find an original price on these or a value. They are SUPER CLEAN. No major scratches or chips or dings. Really nice set of wheels. Tried to sell them to my ex-wife who has a 2012 Golf GTI but the hole pattern is different.

There is still the little rubber nubbies on the radial of the tires, thats how new these are! These tires do NOT have 11K miles on them, JUST THE WHEELS. The tires are much newer. I am trying to track down a purchase date, if I find it I will amend this discription. has these tires for sale. They are priced $159 on special. Michelin*Pilot HX MXM4


Radial XSE 255 / 45 R17


I would certainly ship these, much like how my custom wheels where shipped to me, two layers of circular cardboard to cover the wheels on both side and plastic straps to wrap each one up. I'll get a quote on shipping if someone wants them shipped.

I will certainly entertain ANY and ALL offers. I thought I would come here first before going to eBay.

Thanks everyone! I'll be uploading photos of my vehicles into my userCP soon!



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