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looking into this issue on my 08 I found that I needed to replace coolant temperature sensor which caused cooling fan to run on high speed all the time. After I pulled the connector and took out old sensor I noticed one of the four pins had a bad spot and was discolored. (Didn't have to drain any coolant when replacing because of the vacuum built up in system by leaving coolant bowl cover on. About less than a teaspoon came out. Engine was cool also.
So if you've read this far heres the weird part. When the temperature sensor went bad the radiator fan ran high. Along with that the car was really hard to start. So put the key in turns over for like 5 seconds and struggles to start. At first I thought that it was 2 separate issues.
Installed new temp sensor. Fan ran normal. Car started normal. That was month ago. Still running smooth.
(This is the green sensor with the 4 pin socket)
Hope it helps:)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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