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thank you to anyone who bothers to read this. this isnt' my car, but my mothers car. it's a 2009, manual with only 20k miles! she bought it new in 09 and hasnt driven it much.
the problem she is having in a strange one. it seems impossible for the conditions to be related to eachother, but it has happend 4 times so far and the dealship can't find the problem.
i'll do my best to explain the little knowledge of the problem through my Q&A with her about it.

ok... so she is driving down the road and noticed the clutch pedal gets soft and it becomes difficult ( but not impossible to shift ). shortly thereafter, the car shuts off, and she can't stop, she can't steer, and the clutch pedal is limp on the floor.
after she cheats death and stops the car using the handbrake, she can't get the car out of gear. it's locked in place in whatever gear she was in when it died.

i could understand if the engine died, why the steering stops working, the whole drive by wire thing.
when she says she can't stop and that the brakes dont work, i'm guessing it's the same kind of feeling when ABS kicks in and locks your pedal, but i havent driven the car so thats just an assumption based on her telling of the story.

the real head scratcher is how the clutch factors into this. if there is a leak or air in the system, a soft limp pedal would make sense, but i cant imagine that it would cause the engine to shut off, kill the brakes, and cause the car to get stuck in gear even after the engine is off.

she has had it to the dealer 4 times for the same problem and 4 times they bleed out the clutch and say there is no evidence of a problem, but it's a HUGE safety concern.

i can't find anything related to the combination of these problems. no leaks, no funny noises, no nothing.

it's happened enough that she now knows when the clutch pedal starts to feel soft, that the engine is about to shut off and hold on for dear life and pray.

thoughts and ideas??
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