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2009 beetle fuse 15 keeps blowing!!

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Hi everyone, I’m a new member here and have a 2009 Vw beetle 1.6 convertible and fuse 15 inside the car keeps blowing! It’s a 5 amp fuse and powers the clocks, so the clocks aren’t working and various other electrical things, if you put another fuse in, as soon as you connect the battery again it will blow before even putting key in ignition etc? Does anyone have any idea what this could be please? Thanks in advance 😊
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Are you UK based or somewhere other then, the USA (?); as the 1.6L was never, installed in the USA in the New Beetle. For UK spec New Beetle service info; that is for RHD vehicles , you might get a UK eRWin service manual or the online access or paper manual, from the UK Haynes site.

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Fuse 15 from my list here in the states reads like this.

F15(5A) ESP (05/99^), instrument panel, automatic transmission (AT)

Fuse 14 says this.

F14(5A/10A) Interior lamps, central locking

Your 2009 European model may be slightly different. Once you find a proper fuse chart It might be a simple case of someone put a smaller fuse than needed in the slot. However you likely have a short somewhere.
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Had this issue too, but with the fuse for my radio. Ended up being that the wires were just so haphazardly put together by the shop that when you were driving and hit some rough terrain, the wire would bounce and hit something and ground out. So it could be as simple as that. Alternatively, (because I was 17 and oblivious at the time) I just bought boatloads of fuses for a couple bucks and just replaced them over and over again.
Hi everyone, thanks for all your replies, I have now at least found the reason why fuse 15 was blowing, interestingly it was also linked to the interior light and rear view mirror so we took that apart and there was a short circuit in the interior light!

however since putting it all back together, yes the dash lights now come on and the car starts 💪🏻 but all sorts of electrical gremlins now occurring! 🙈

alternator not charging! … lights on dash include ABS, airbag, EML and battery…
Some electrics work and some don’t? Like windows, stereo, ESP, electric roof and wingmirrors don’t work yet C/L main headlights, a/c, washer jets, Petrol opener all work?

then we’ve done diagnostics now that the diagnostic port is working and it’s saying no comms with CCM and ABS modules and main ECU is saying these fault codes : 18057/17925/18058/17978 and 17911

can anyone shed any light into these weird going’s on?

also would an duff alternator cause all these problems? And why would an alternator die from the interior light short circuiting!?

thanks very much in advance
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Ok so we worked on the car all weekend and replaced the alternator, so now the battery light goes off, but when I plug diagnostic in there still no communication with CCM and ABS

so my question is would a spike from the alternator failing cause the ABS pump to fail an maybe CCM ECU?

thanks in advance
Ok, you had quite a few trouble codes; these could have been kicked on by a charging problem or other hardware failure, wiring issues. I would clear the codes and then, rescan, to see if any come back. We have seen, communication issues with the OBD II port; caused by a aftermarket or even stock stereos that are defective or hooked up incorrectly, then other issues can be hardware or wiring problems, killing the communications bus. Do you have a aftermarket stereo installed (?); if you do, then I would pull it and see, if the comms are restored. Lastly, what scan tool are you using and have you confirmed, its functionality by scanning another vehicle?

Here are some useful links and videos, that may help you communication issues @ the OBD II port.

I had a no communication with the ABS pump and it turned out to be fuse #9, if I recall. Check the fuses that control your brakes and ABS.
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