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My daughter brought her 2009 Beetle home one evening and it was sputtering something fierce. It hadn't done that before, and it had been a while since she had the oil changed, so I changed the oil and filter, and her check engine light was on. So I ran a code test and got codes 300, 302, and 304. I changed the spark plugs, and still got codes. I changed ignition coils and still got codes. I have changed the engine wiring harness and am still getting codes. Now getting code 0864 too and not sure why. I am running out of options, and she doesn't have the money to take it to the dealership. Someone please help. I am about to take my father-in-laws advice and blow the freakin thing in place.

Any suggestions?

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You're definitely, getting a bunch of misfire codes:


16686/P0302/000770 - Ross-Tech Wiki

16688/P0304/000772 - Ross-Tech Wiki

P0864 – Transmission control module (TCM) communication circuit -range/performance problem – OBD2 Trouble Codes

Most misfires: come down to ignition or fuel delivery problems. You seem to have replaced; pretty much all the ignition parts. The replacement parts, NEED to be oem/vw; in particular, the coil packs and the plugs, should be oem Bosch or NGK, depending on the engine code. Poor quality ignition parts; can fail prematurely and cause drivability problems.

On the fuel delivery, side of things; I would be checking the fuel pressure and looking for any vacuum leaks.

A known vacuum leak problem; is the pcv valve and Dorman, makes a repair kit for that.


In the past, we had a tough 2.5L diagnostic thread, that sounds similar to what you are experiencing and it ended up, being the fuel pump. Read more about that here:


Give us info, about what parts numbers and brands; the parts you replaced were. Check for vacuum leaks and test the fuel pressure. Check those things and we can go from there, thanks! :)
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