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2010 Headlight Upgrade

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well done with sway bar and no ECU/flash/ tune since this 2.5 being naturally aspirated.

so on two the headlights: I went with LED bulbs

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I did both bulbs on the drivers side:
low beam
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As you can see the light is much brighter
High beam
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low beam
Automotive lighting Road surface Asphalt Plant Mode of transport

High Beam
Plant Automotive lighting Road surface Tree Asphalt

Toyuki H7 LED Headlight Bulb, H7 LED Bulb 6000K 8 CSP Chip Extremely Bright H7 Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit Halogen Replacement, 1:1 Size Plug and Play No Adapter Required, Quick Installation

now order them for the passenger side.

oh FYI...not sure if you have ever done bulbs installation but use a 9v battery this will power on your headlight with minimal power.
Just attached the headlight light prongs ( both of them) to a wires and them touch them to 9V battery and light it for 5 second and do this 5 times it helps the bulbs with the power on


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ok got the other set in

low beam
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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

best $40 upgrade
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