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2010beetleconvert red coolant light on momentarily

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My wife got in the car started it and forgot something in the house this morning. She was only in the house for 2 minutes and discovered a red temp light on when she came back out. She turned the car off and restarted it and the light was out. The car was cold when she first started it. Concerned about her 2hr drive that she just completed with no more red temp light????? I had the oil changed yesterday and I had to change the battery for the first time on Friday. That really stinks!! I watched a YouTube video that was very similar to my car. 1.5 hrs total on the battery replacement. I should be a bit quicker the next time. Could this temp light just be some sort of glitch???
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Usually the red light will blink when you first start up the car; when, the coolant is low, check your coolant level in the bottle. Make sure you use the correct Volkswagen coolant and don't mix green cool!ant with the Volkswagen spec G 12 type. You can get the correct coolant from your Volkswagen dealer or O'Reilly's sells it under the pentosin brand.

If the red light was solid; you might scan your tool for trouble codes, you should buy a Volkswagen specific scanner if you don't have one,.Check Amazon.com for a Vgate VS450 for about $50.

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