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2012+ Adding automatic headlights

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I installed the RFB automatic headlight conversion kit.

RFB Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit

It's not for the Beetle, but it works. The installation video is for a Jetta or done other larger model. The fit is tighter on the Beetle.


You will need to remove the left part of the front dash. Easy. Three torx screws and it pulls out. One screw is behind the silver frame around the instrument cluster. The frame just pulls off. CAREFULLY. it seems fragile. It will go back, but you have to be patient. It uses tiny little plastic clips. If you force it, you'll break it. No need to force it. It only comes out/ goes in one way.

Second screw is behind the old light switch. Pull the light switch out per the video instructions.

Third screw is on the side, after you remove the side access panel.

Once those three screws are removed, the left panel comes off including the AC vent, which makes routing of the cables possible. Pics!

The box fits in the side panel, but will have to be removed if you ever need to access the fuses. So I didn't zip tie it. No need. It fits snugly.

Once you remove the old switch and unplug the wire, route it to the side underneath the air vent, and plug it in with the big plug facing up. The cable for the new switch is long enough to reach from the bottom of the black box all the way back to the switch location.

And voila! Automatic headlights.

Now I need fog lights. How do I add fog lights now that I have this switch? On to do some more research.

Another day, another mod...
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