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Hi All - first of all thanks for any insight. I'm puzzled.
2013 Beetle Convertible, I've owned since 2017. Amazing car, never any issues. Has 78k miles. Had not been driving it a lot in the past few years so when I returned to my commute 2 months ago (@40 miles each way) I decided to get the oil changed and the transmission flushed just to make sure the car was happy. NO mechanical issues before this or frankly after - it purrs and has no issues but... A day after the trans flush/replace I drive to work, no problem but on the way home from work the check engine light comes on about 4 miles before i get to my house. I've literally never even seen that light before because - no problems since I've owned the car.
Take it to the dealership, they pull the codes and get P0106 Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor and 01314-013 Engine Control Module.
They say that they "found 01-14-23 Update Programming, MIL ON, DTC P0106 Manifold Absolute Pressure Range/Performance stored in ECM Fault Memory" They checked my ECM software version and found it was 4729. They updated the ECM software to version 5854. They also noticed that the intake maifold bolts were loose and that the intake maifold gasket was leaking so they replaced the gasket. In addition they removed and replaced the manifold seals, reinstalled that manifold, torqued the bolts and cleared the faults.
Then I picked it up, drives great home. I go to work the next day, no problems either way until...4 miles from my house on the way home the DING DANG CHECK ENGINE LIGHT CAME ON AGAIN!!
I went to Autozone this morning (Saturday, dealership service dept is closed) and had the codes pulled, same codes P0106 and 01314-013.
Going back to the dealership Monday but trying to help them with an idea of what's going on by doing some research.
It feels like this must be a software thing since the car is running great and no changes. It only happened after they flushed the transmission - could that cause a software glitch? Seems unlikely. I checked all fluids this morning, the steering fluid seems a bit low but everything else is perfect. Any and all ideas welcome - at this point they're spinning their wheels as am I and I'm in hell having to keep bringing my car back and finagling a family members car to drive to work. Really hoping this is something someone else has seen before so that I can find that way out of it.

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P.S. Should add so far all I've found pertaining to this was a guy who said he had a similar issue and it was a software update tied to this (attached) Bulletin. But this is pretty old and his post was 4+ years ago so I figure it isn't this.


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Always, look up trouble codes; on the ross tech wiki:


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16490/P0106/000262 - Manifold / Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71) / (F96): Implausible Signal
Possible Symptoms
  • Erratic Idle
Possible Causes
  • Wiring and/or Connections from/to Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71)/(F96) faulty
  • Leak in Air Intake and/or Exhaust
  • Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71)/(F96) faulty
  • Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71)/(F96) wrong part installed, see notes.
  • Engine Control Module faulty
Possible Solutions
  • Check Engine Control Module Software Version
    • See Special Notes for Details
  • Check Timing
    • See Special Notes for Details
  • Check Wiring and/or Connections from/to Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71)/(F96)
  • Check for Leak in Air Intake and/or Exhaust
  • Check/Replace Manifold/Barometric Pressure Sensor (G71)/(F96)
  • Check/Replace Engine Controle Module
Special Notes
  • On certain smaller Engines we've seen cases where a buggy Engine Control Unit Firmware can cause these fault codes, additionally there are known Problems with the Timing Chain Tensioners which can also result in these fault codes. Please refer to the related TPL/TSB for more instructions.
  • The F96 can be an internal part of the ECM.
  • When checking for leaks in the Air Intake system:
    • Make sure to closely check hard plastic brake booster lines near check valves and barbed adapters where cracks are most frequently found.
    • Make sure the PCV system is not malfunctioning and that the dipstick tube (when applicable) is not cracked or leaking at the junction to the cylinder block.
2.5L Gasoline specific notes
  • Measuring block 201.3 appears to contain the F96 ECM Baro pressure sensor in the CBTA 2.5L in addition to older MAF equipped 2.5L engines such as the BGP. ST?ID=79232
  • On some 2.5L engines, there can be a Secondary Air Injection (SAI) sensor, G609. This sensor and the MAP sensor can have the same physical shape and be mixed up. MAP sensors will start with part number "03C" and SAI sensors will start with part number "07C".
  • When found in NAR (North American Region) 2011-2014 Jetta, Golf, Passat and New Beetle vehicles with 2.5L engine codes CBTA and CBUA see TSB 01-14-23 -or- TPI 2034012. When applicable, DTCs P050A, P0507and P0106 are resolved after flash updating the Engine controller.

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The Ross Tech page; DOES, mention, a number of issues, that your VW dealer, seems to have tried to address (intake manifold leak, firmware update, etc). Unfortunately, when it comes to issues like this; they can be intermittent or the techs you are dealing with, may not have strong diagnostics capabilities. You could have a actual fault and then, there are the issues of the software glitch and so, it may require more diagnostic testing, to nail down the problem or while the software of the your ecu has been upgraded, has the primary problem, actually been addressed? This, is a open question; it seems to me and unfortunately, when it comes to diagnostics issues, many VW dealerships techs, may or may not, be able to figure things out.

Now, the next question becomes; how hand on, do YOU want to get involved in trying to resolve the problem? I had a number of issues with my New Beetle; my VW dealership couldn't figure out, even under the factory warranty and it wasn't until I purchased VCDS by Ross Tech, did my own testing and diagnostics, I was able to finally fix the issues, they couldn't or wouldn't fix!

Many of us, that own these VW's; have to end up getting involved in their ongoing maintenance and repairs, as finding a solid VW repair shop or VW dealership, to nail down problems, have solid fixes for those issues, can be tough to find. On this site, we address many issues people struggle with and many members are able to successfully repair their own problems by investing in a VW scan tool like VCDS by Ross Tech and referring to the VW factory service manual testing procedures, etc.

This is the first I have heard of this trouble code in relation to the 2.5L motor but as seen in the Ross Tech Wiki, it is a KNOWN issue and VW has attempted to address the problem with a software update.

The investment in a VW factory level scan tool; will definitely pay for itself, is a solid investment and seeing, how your VW Beetle is almost 10 years old, is at a stage in its lifecycle, that it is going to need more repairs, maintenance moving forward, then it did when it was a newer vehicle.

A factory level scan tool; like VCDS would enable you to view live data and do the testing outlined in the Ross Tech Wiki. I would also, recommend; getting the factory VW service manual from eRWin and then, you would have solid service manual testing and repair info, to refer to.

Here is the latest version of VCDS; @ $199 it is a investment but will save you tons of $ in the long run.

Let us know, what direction you want to go, if you want to invest in the VW scan tool, to be able to diagnose things correctly, try to diagnose things yourself, repair the problem, etc. and we can go from there. Thanks.
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