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2013 bug tail light out

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My 2013 bug has a small trailer hitch, and I pull a light trailer on small occasion. I spliced the trailer wires into the lights and all have worked great for 5 months. Now my left tail light is out. It's not the bulb. No fuse diagram in manual. Dealer service told me running lights have NO fuse and go into a fuel regulator. He says I have to bring car in and have checked.

This does not sound right. running lights have to go to the fuse box?

I can get the fuse diagram for a $35 one day use link, but I want to validate is fuse will help?

Feedback welcome. Steve in Ohio!
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P.S. I changed the bulb and also checked if wire "gray" with black stripes is hot when lights are turned on. The wire is not giving me indication it's hot? Anyone have a similar program. Steve Ohio.:(
Flippen unreal. Can't get a diagram of the fuse panel and what fuses do what--So one is pretty much forced to shell out more $$ or go to the stealership.

What I've had to do in the past? Grab a 12 volt test light/probe. Put one end to ground and test the fuses. If you insert the test probe into the 'test slot' in the top of the fuse and you have it light up on one side? It should light up on the other side as well. For the ones with no light on each side? Do a physical inspection.

In the old'n days it was just one wire feeding the rear tail lights for the "Parking Lights/Fog Lights/Running Lights". That and the ground wire things where good to go. Check the other side? It might be the same wire color code feeds both? And if so? If you have one light up and the other one does not? Going to need to check for a break in the harness/wiring.

AFAIK, there aren't any Bentley manuals past 2010.
2013 bug cabriolet NO left rear light update

In journey to fix my taillight on my 2013 bug, the dealer who sold me the car told me there was no fuse, but a relay box.
I called another dealer and staff was very helpful.
Rear left running lights is fuse 38 and right is fuse 37. Year and car VIN number determine fuse locations, so never a clear answer, but Kings VW was very helpful in Cincinnati.

Its freezing and snowing, so today I plan to fix this thing using above tips from post. If fuse 38 and 37 (5 amp fuse) is good, than it could be the harness wire issue from your suggestions. Rear running lights are gray color with black stripe on each side.

thanks for feedback. Steve
I work for a dealership, I'll look up a fuse diagram for you if you still require one.
I work for a dealership, I'll look up a fuse diagram for you if you still require one.
I just bought a 2013 Super Beetle and have had a hitch installed through the dealer. I expect to replace the trailer lights with LEDS, but I would love to have a fuse diagram for the car. What good are fuses if you don't know which one is for what? If you need the VIN, let me know.

The post Bentley Publishers era manual situtaion; afik, is erWin only. You can get a subscription for one day and download all the manuals you need, in .pdf format and you would have them to keep. Check it out here:

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