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After searching the internet for this information and not finding it, I decided to post it somewhere that it may help. I have often taken advantage of other post on all kinds of forums, and only really posted on the Light-O-Rama site (Computer Controlled Christmas lights).

One reason that this may not be posted in easy to find places is that everyone else thinks that it is too easy to figure out and decides that there is no need to post the procedure. Anyway... hope this helps as least one other person.

2013 Beetle rear taillight bulb replacement:

Open trunk
Find access panel near the rear of the tail light location. It is on a curve/shaped part of the trunk liner. It is only about 4x6 inches. Use a screw driver (or Swiss Army Knife, as I did) to pry the panel open from the edge closest to you. Be careful not to damage the tabs located at the rear (away from the light). The panel remained attached via the tabs at the rear.

Locate a long piece of plastic with a T at the end (away from the light assembly). You may need to move wires out of the way. This is the "mechanism" that physically holds the light on the car. You will need to turn this as you would to loosen a screw. The turning action would be counter-clockwise if you could see it in front of you. It was very hard to turn. Once you have it loose, be sure to hold onto it and don't drop it once it is completely loose.
Once it is out, the light will be physically free. You may need to pry the light assembly slightly to free it from the body of the car. BE Careful - The assembly is still connected via the wiring harness. I could not loosen the connection while the assembly was still in the car.

Once you have the assembly out a few inches locate and look at the wire connector. You will see a red tab that has to be pushed up to allow you to release the connector from the back of the assembly.

Now with the assembly completely free, place it on a work bench or similar. There are 6 or 7 screws that have to be removed. They are easy to find and not difficult to remove. If any appear to be stuck, just make sure you are using the correct philips head screw driver to remove them. It should seat very well into the screws.

After you remove the screws you may have to pry a little to get the two pieces of the assembly separated. Be careful: There is a short wire internally that connects between the two halves. To pry the halves apart, I recommend something plastic as metal tools may damage the assembly.
Once you have then separated a few inches you can find and disconnect the internal wire.

Replace the expired bulb and reverse the process above to reinstall. I do recommend that you have an assistant help you test the lights before you close everything up.
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