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Hello all!! I wanted to introduce you to the 12th Annual Dubs Along the Rockies (DATR) Show is Colorado's premier Volkswagen and Audi enthusiast event. The event includes cars covering the entire range of VW and Audi products from the original Type 1 up to the newest Audi R8.

The show is scheduled for Saturday August 10th, 2013 just south of Denver, Colorado at Sports Authority Stadium in Parker, with the gorgeous front range of the Rocky Mountains as our backdrop. Our goal is to provide far more than your typical car show by hosting a swap meet, new vendors, and fun events for everyone in your household including face painting and Bungee Jumping.

Hardey's Motorwerks is returning as the title sponsor for this year. We are working on some new and exciting things and activities for DATR2013. However, we are open for all suggestions. Let us know what you think, and what you want. We will try our best to address each concern.

Show Location:
Dubs Along the Rockies 2013 will be held at Sports Authority Stadium.
The stadium is located on Newlin Gulch Rd. in Parker, Colorado.

The Sports Authority Stadium is owned and operated by Douglas County School District. This means the event is a dry event; no drugs, no alcohol.

Here are the classes..

Best of Show;
King of the Rockies
People's Choice

Watercooled Volkswagen: (Best of Class and Runner Up)
MK I (Golf, GTI, Cabriolet, Jetta)
MK II (Golf, GTI, Cabriolet, Jetta)
MK III (Golf, GTI, Cabrio, Jetta)
MK IV (Golf, GTI, Jetta)
MK V (Golf, GTI, Jetta)
MK VI (Golf, GTI, Jetta)
R32/R (2004, 2008, 2012)
Scirocco & Corrado
B5 Passat
B6 Passat & CC
B7 Passat
Eos (all)
Other VW (Dasher, Quantum, B3 Passat, Fox, Pointer, etc.)
New Beetle (all years/models)

Audi: (Best of Class and Runner Up)
4000/ 80/ 90 (incl Coupe)
B5 Audi A4/ S4
B6 Audi A4/ S4
B7 Audi A4/ S4/ RS4
B8 Audi A4/ S4/ RS4
Audi A5/ S5/ RS5
5000/ 100/ 200
Audi A6/ S6/ RS6 (all)
Audi TT (all)
Audi Other (A8/ S8/ R8/ A7)

VAG: (Best of Class and Runner Up)
Family Hauler (Tiguan, Touareg, Eurovan, Routan, Q5, Q7)

Air Cooled: (Best of Class)
Convertible Beetle (all)
Beetle (1967 or earlier)
Beetle (1968 or newer)
Karmann Ghia (all)
Off Road/Special Interest
Type 2 (Vanagon, Eurovan, Pickup)
Type 3 & 4

German/European Automobiles: (Best of Class)
All Euro (1992 or earlier)
All Euro (1993 or newer)

Fun Stuff for ALL Cars Entered
Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Patina
Best Interior
Best Display
Best Wheels
Furthest Drive (calculated from vehicle registration zip code)

Dubs Along the Rockies | Premier VW and Audi ShowDubs Along the Rockies | Premier VW and Audi Show

There are five main groups to choose from; Water-Cooled VW, Air-Cooled VW, Audi, Euro, and VWAG Other. In each you will find the classes for registration. Pick the class that your car fits into. There will be an area to fill out some info on your car. We will print these out and have them for you the day of the show. This way there is no need to have a pen and write it down when you can be spending that time putting the finishing touches on your detail!

If you register online; you will receive saving that you will not get at the door. For instance; register online for only $10.00. The cost will be $15.00 day of the show.

We also have some packages available when you register. This first is just to register your car for the show. If you want a 2013 event tee shirt, there will be an option for that as well, and the third package includes show registration, an event tee and a pilsner glass with the 2013 logo on it. There will be men’s and women’s tees to choose from.

Here is the break down for the costs when you pre-register!
Package option: (Pre-register only)
--> Show car only = $10.00
--> Show car + 2013 event tee = $25.00
--> Show car + 2013 event tee + 2013 event pilsner glass = $35.00

Shirts will be available in mens or ladies sizes in Small, Medium, Large, and XLarge. (2XLarge and 3XLarge are an additional $2.00)

Of course we will have additional 2013 event tee and pilsner glasses available day of the show. (Pricing will vary from the pre-register prices)

Day of the show:
--> Show car only = $15.00
--> DATR 2013 event tee = $27.00
--> DATR 2013 event pilsner glass = $12.00
--> DATR 2013 other items = T.B.D.

MAKE SURE YOU VISIT Dubs Along the Rockies | Premier VW and Audi ShowDubs Along the Rockies | Premier VW and Audi Show TO PRE-REGISTER YOU AND YOUR CAR!
*Once you pre-register; you will receive an email that you NEED to bring with you to show. This will allow you to skip the at the door line and enter the show display area faster!

So why not go to --> Dubs Along the Rockies and get yourself registered!!!

Q: When does online registration end?
A: Online registration closes Wednesday July 31st at midnight.

Q: Will there be at the door registration?
A: Yes, for $15 per car.

Q: I am not showing, what is spectator cost?

Q: I am not showing, can I park my car within the show?
A: YES; for FREE! However, there are two restrictions. First, your car needs to fit within the show classes. Meaning it needs to be German/European. Second, you will need to stay within the show area until the end of the show. There is no mid show leaving allowed. (that goes for show cars as well)

Q: What is the refund policy?
A: All sales are final.

Q: Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
A: YES. The ticket sent to you by e-mail WILL be used at the event. You will use that ticket to enter the show parking area through special gates for Pre Registered Show Cars Only

Q: I forgot or lost my ticket, what do I do?
A: Similar to other ticketed events; it is your responsibility to print and bring your ticket or receipt. There will be no replacements. You will use this ticket two (2) times during the day: 1) to bypass the long Day of the Show Registration parking line 2) to receive your goodie bag and the additional item you may have purchased I.E.: Event Tee or Pilsner Glass

Q: Will alcohol be allowed at the show?
A: NO! This is a dry event because it is being hosted on public school grounds. Nothing illegal, no beer, alcohol, marijuana or other controlled or illegal substances allowed on site.
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