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ImageUploadedByAG Free1438095007.154381.jpg [Hey guys! As many of you I let me 2012 Beetle Turbo (Vin) and my 2009 GTI (Pascal) go to new homes a few months ago. I miss them all the time but I needed to make a financially smart move.

On January I bought a brand new 2014 Focus ST in Performance Blue. I hadn't had a blue car since my first New Beetle, Stigma. The ST's name it Totoro from 'My Neighbor Totoro' the Hayao Miyazaki film. He just has a devilish big smile. His an ST3 which is the top trim. Leather Recaro racing seats, dual-climate, Bi-Xenon headlights, touchscreen radio. Stuff like that. I love this little car! And he handles like a beast. Ford made the wheel hubs very loose and when you put it into sport or track mode the rear end will try to swing out and drive like a rear wheel drive car. It's a lot of fun! We still have Jay, our R32. Between Cody and myself we'll never be without a Volkswagen! ImageUploadedByAG Free1438094876.004250.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1438094895.987626.jpg ImageUploadedByAG Free1438094949.930341.jpg ATTACH]176057[/ATTACH]

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