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2015 Diecast Drive

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Though we're still several months away from the 2015 holiday season, we like to get an early start on our diecast toy drive. This is the first year that we've reached out to the VW enthusiast community and we hope that you'll help make it a success. We haven’t had the opportunity to do this for the past few years, but now we think it’s time to get it started again. Each year, before Christmas, we donate diecast cars to the U.S. Marine Corp Toys For Tots Foundation. The last year we collected for the die cast drive, we donated over 4800 die cast cars and even a few Barbie Dolls. Each year we sponsored the drive, it was very successful, even landing us a spot on the local evening news. We’ve had collectors from as far away as Germany and Australia donate to the cause and we’re hoping that this year will be just as successful. We accept die cast cars in all shapes and forms, any manufacturer, etc. We only ask that they remain in their original packaging, no loose cars. If you’re interested in donating, just visit our web site for more info.. We’d love to add your name to the growing list of people who have donated over the years. Help us make the 2015 holiday season the best ever.

Diecast Drive 2015 | Kentucky Hot Wheels.com
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