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We recently purchased a 2015 VW Beetle Base Model Convertible that had the stock radio. It did not come with Satellite or Navigation Capabilities.

Since we wanted Satellite Radio I replaced the stock radio with the RNS510 and added the Satellite and Navigation Antennas.

I've tried a few different locations on the Dash for the Satellite Antenna but the reception fades in and out as the car travels so am looking for the best location to mount the antenna.

Does anyone know where the satellite antenna is located in the 2015 Beetle Convertible if the car came equipped with Satellite Radio ?

Does anyone know where the best place to mount the Satellite Antenna would be on the 2015 Beetle Convertible ?

Do I need to purchase a better Satellite antenna ? The one I purchased is a Terk XM cro2.

Any assistance you can provide is appreciated.

Trying to keep the wife happy.....


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