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Hello fellow Beetle drivers,

After four years, the battery died. I would have taken it to the local service station to have the battery changed, but problem: the car wouldn't start.

Changing the battery itself is pretty easy so I shan't cover it here.

After changing the battery, the windows would close but would open themselves when I turned the ignition off, and other slightly odd things. So this time I called the service dept of my local dealer who said "bring it round."

To reset the computer:

For both windows:

1. Open the window fully.
2. Close the window fully.
3. Pull up three times on the window open switch.

Make sure it's fully pulled up each time, not the halfway point. I'm sure if you are a beetle driver you know what that means :)

For this, VW of Stephen's Creek in San Jose charged me nothing, which was awesome of them. Thank you!

The guy there said different models do it slightly differently. Although the car windows may be odd after changing the battery, the car was pretty safe to drive, so it should be safe to change the battery at home if you need to.

I'm leaving this here hoping it's the right place to leave it, and hoping that another beetler with the same problem finds it helpful.

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