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I just got my wife a new beetle over the weekend with a 1.8. Beautiful car but unfortunately she did something real stupid today. The car only has 120 miles now so still being broken in. I've been telling her over and over again how to break in this car properly and now I'm very concerned. The car is an automatic but she accidentally had it in manual mode and drove it like that in 1st gear for about 2 miles. I can't tell if something happened to the engine since she's the driver and doesn't know herself if the engine sounds different now. I drove it a little bit on Saturday but that's about it so don't have much of a memory if it sounds different now. I definitely don't hear or feel anything that would be obvious.

She says that maybe she hit 40mph but I don't see how. I tried what she did and at 20mph I was hitting 4krpm :( and didn't want to push it further. Should I be worried?
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