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Doesn't seem like yesterday i joined :lol:

But doesn't seem like 4 years since my first post on here either :)

So to celebrate this monumentally Great occasion, i have dug out of the vaults, a few photo's of my 4 years of Bugging :popcorn:

Chinese Bug, first encounter with modifying, 20" wheels :)

The Orange Blugg :)

Must of gone through a phase of having things on my roof :lol:

Favourite photo :)

Few trophies

Only wierd and wonderful WTF photo i have of my new Bug :)

Funny how the New Bug hasn't been modified yet. I blame the economy and me not being able to find a job. But it will change ;) one day :)

I'm also celebrating this week 6 months with my Girlfriend :D
Longest relationship i've ever had :eek:

So Thanks to ya'll for putting up with me and hope to be here for another 4 years at least :)


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Glad to have you here Buddy. Always know I'll get a chuckle when I see your name pop up on the board, whether it's your thread, or your post on someone else's. Congrats on the longevity with your Gal. Good luck with the job hunting, I'm sure, as resourceful as you are, you'll come up with something soon!

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