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I'm running out of ideas and solutions online to resolve my daughter's check engine light. The code scanner detects the following problems:

1. 17833 – Evap purge valve short to ground
2. 17525 - Oxygen sensor heating circuit short to ground
3. 17843 – secondary air pump relay short to ground
4. 17881 – evap leak detection pump open
5. 16486 - mass air flow sensor signal too low

In addition to the check engine light, the letters "EPC" are illuminated (which I believe is a separate issue).

Changed the Evap purge valve but didn’t resolve that code.
Looked for a more systemic problem hoping that the fuel pump relay was causing all of these. Changed the fuel pump relay and the codes are still there.

(I'm using a vGate Scan VS450 scanner for VW/Audi to read the codes)

Does anyone have any suggestions?


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