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5-speed O2J trans. Clutch/gear engagement issues

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*2000 nB 1.8t
*EBQ code 5-speed transmission - 5 speed swap
*Sachs Clutch kit
-Single Mass Flywheel, pressure plate, clutch, throwout bearing.
*new clutch slave cylinder- bled per D2Beetle's DIY Thread HERE


At start, good tight clutch pedal and can shift into gear- R or 1st. your standard/obvious hydraulic clutch action.

Upon driving, after coming to a stop, getting in gear is difficult to impossible...have to cut car off to get into gear. Once rolling again, I can speed shift, like shifting a big rig.

As I'm rolling I can press the clutch while staying on the accelerator- the tach doesn't Rev up.

I've been advised by a couple beetle buds that this could be a vacuum issue. Have any of you had this issue and know of a place to start chasing vacuum leaks or other solutions? I've already checked the reservoir.

Advice or links would be appreciated.
Thanks gang.
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I would say; it comes down to two possible issues: mechanical or hydraulic.

1. hydraulic

a. any leaks at the slave or master cylinder? If there are leaks; this would indicate a failure and require a replacement of the part.
b. bleed the system; to confirm no hydraulic issues: use reverse bleeder to correctly bleed the system, (phoenix systems v reverse bleeder)
c. once you have bled the system; aside from the master or slave cylinder being bad, you can move on in your troubleshooting process.

2. mechanical
a. is the shifter assembly; in good condition and correctly adjusted?
b. is the clutch correct one for your application?: what specific model # of clutch did you install: e.g. flywheel, disk, pressure plate etc. (check below; for the sachs/zf online parts catalog)
c. was the clutch installed correctly? disc in the correct orientation? throwout bearing installed as it should be?
d. actual clutch failure: something may have broken, fallen off or just isn't right. unfortunately, this requires pulling the trans to investigate the clutch and make sure everything is ok.

Once you bleed the system and you are confident, the shifter assembly is adjust/good working order; then, I would contact the vendor that sold you the clutch. I would confirm; that the parts are correct for your application and see what they think, could be the problem with the clutch.

Here is a excellent; troubleshooting guide by LUK:


You might also contact Sachs/ZF technical service/support:

Passenger Cars
and Light Trucks
Customer Service & Technical Hotline

You can also; look up your car and see what clutch kits, are listed for you application/vehicle:

ZF Services Online Parts Catalog
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Sounds like the clutch is not disengaging. I agree with Billy. Start with hydraulics. Since the slave is new it would most likely be air in the system, or bad master.
Any updates?

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Nothing yet good sir.
However, the clutch pedal has fallen slightly on a couple occasions. So, I'm guessing that it's the master cylinder, which goes back to what you all were saying...troubleshoot the hydraulics. So this will be my job come Saturday.

Will let you know the results.
Ok, with the pedal falling; you are definitely, on the right track with the hydraulics. That Phoenix Systems bleeder; is the best solution for bleeding the system! :) Was the master cylinder; a used unit; when you did the swap or a new replacement part?
Ok, with the pedal falling; you are definitely, on the right track with the hydraulics. That Phoenix Systems bleeder; is the best solution for bleeding the system! :) Was the master cylinder; a used unit; when you did the swap or a new replacement part?
I'm a-lookin at that Phoenix system. Shopping around :)

The Master Cylinder was used. It was part of the swap parts I bought. One rule of thumb I will share with anyone doing a 5-speed swap is to get new slave and master cylinders. For such a major transformation, it's best to spend the extra cash and get rhe master and slave cylinders. The slave cylinder is a relatively easy install- the master cylinder is a bit more tedious, especially for a tall guy with big hands LOL.

Hoping the master cylinder is the fix. Not in the mood for throwing money into a troubleshooting goose chase. :pinch
Yeah, well get a new master cylinder and the phoenix bleeder; let's get this thing fixed! :banana:

As noted before; amazon and summit racing, seem to have the best deal on the cheapest/non pro version of the phoenix reverse bleeder system:

Phoenix Systems V-5 DIY Reverse Brake & Clutch Bleeders 2104-B

Amazon: $58.33 with free shipping and you could get the a good deal on a sachs or luk master cylinder from them as well!


LuK LMC351 Clutch Master Cylinder

Sachs SH5162 Clutch Master Cylinder
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Any updates?

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Nothing yet buddy ro.
Grabbing the master cylinder this weekend. Money was looking too funny last week :crazy:
Putting in the master cylinder as we speak. Well, not exactly as we speak. At Little Caesars picking up a bacon crust pizza at the moment. Will let you know after dinner and the install. :D
Got the Phoenix bleeder tool? Which brand master cylinder; did you get? :confused:
Any updates?
The master cylinder is installed. Took a break the other day. Been sore all over- felt like I was beat up. Over did it at work last week and it caught with me. Guess 52 ain't like 25 :lol:

Anyhoo, today, Saturday brought about the Master cylinder install. I didn't have a helper, so my son-in-law will.swing by tomorrow to help be bleed the system.

Didn't get the Phoenix Bleeding system. Still on my must have list. When money's permitting, I'll grab one.

The master cylinder is an FTE.
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