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Everyone seems to have the horrible dealership stories, but I have to give 5 stars to Leith VW of Raleigh. I'm a DIY as much as possible type, other than the obvious recalls and timing belt on my TDI. I was not impressed with the last dealership I was using, had to find another one to take care of Herbie's 6 speed auto for the valve body recall in Feb/March. I went by with Herbie, one short test drive and yes it needs replace, a week later, in just 4 hours new valve body :) About a month ago, noticed a few rust spots on Herbie's roof, dropped by, made an appointment so they could run it by the body shop to confirm original paint and clear coat. A phone call just a week later, let us know when you can loose the car for a week to get the roof repaired. Dropped it off Monday morning, picked up a sparkling clean, fantastic looking car on Saturday. The paint is a PERFECT match for my 7 1/2 yr old beetle, can't say enough good things about Foster's body shop, wish I would have known about them when I hit a racoon a couple years ago.

Finally my TDI, dropped it off Tues night, picked it up Thurs morning, new timing belt, water pump etc, runs like a champ for $851. (dumb dealer (peycheles VW - Greenvilee) I bought the car from, thought an '06 with 87K miles didn't need a new timing belt, never mind its in the 90k service)

They take the time to explain how I can fix the things I need to fix and will help install small parts to insure fit (like the light bulb socket my '05 needed).

If you're ever in Raleigh and need a dealer, look them up.:)

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I've heard good things about Leith. Test drove a Golf there last year too.

If you need a good indy shop in Raleigh though, Apex Tuning in Raleigh is the place!

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