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Does my NB or NBC have factory wiring for a OEM 6cd Changer? - YES!

Confirmed through a Bentley, courtesy of a newer member, the harness is in ALL NBs and NBCs, and with ALL head units.

Vehicle production thru 7/2002 - In the trunk, with mounting holes under the mat in the trunk. See pictures below!

Vehicle production from 8/2002 - In the center console (apparently also when the console re-design was implemented) I have pictures showing where to find the plug in the console (console does not need to be loosened or removed) which I will put up when I find them.

I also have sources for Trunk units at $79.95 (NIB), trunk mounting assembly, and Console units at $39.95 (NIB) which I also will put up here when I find them.

Anyone needing the info, please p/m me.

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Here, courtesy of my Forum good "Friend", and one of our newer members J.Arce.


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