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7th Annual Stone Mountain GtG 2015!!

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Hey guys, it's that time again!!! Time to start the show season. As usual, this gtg is very casual. Just kinda getting people back into the swing of things. So, here's what I got going so far.

Given that last years weather was CRAZY, I'm going to try and keep the gtg as LATE February as possible. If there are any issues with this date, please let me know ASAP!

Date: February 28th, 2015!!!

Location: Red Robin
1250 Scenic Hwy South Unit 1500
Lawrenceville, GA 30045

Time: 2pm

We don't have to eat there. Just trying to get a location where we can all meet.
Sorry this is soooo low key but last minute changes...yeah...
These hotels are just down the road from the dealership.

La Quinta - 770-736-4723

InTown Suites - 770-972-6042

Gwinnett Inn - 770-972-9395

I have not personally stayed at any of these, but I do know that the InTown Suites and Gwinnett Inn pretty much share the same parking lot, and the InTown Suites is an extended stay hotel. So I'd say check reviews first. I'm not saying you HAVE to stay at these places, I'm just saying they are close to the dealership. :)
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I plan on being there!
My wife and I will be coming up from central Fl with our Beetles.
Cool! Glad to see so much interest already! :)

For those coming from out of state I will compile a list of hotels in the surrounding areas. Plus I will try to finalize the date with the dealer this week or next. If there are changes I will post them here as well as the facebook page so hopefully no one will miss new information.

So looking forward to this!
I will definitely be there.... same plan like last year, Michelle?! :)
That should be ok. We'll see where things are when we get closer, but I don't see that being a problem. :)
It's on folks! Spoke w/dealership today. Date has been confirmed! We'll be meeting at Stone Mountain VW on February 28th!!!! More details to come!!! I'll try to keep a list going of who's all coming, lets make this baby big!!! And I will get that hotel info up ASAP, apologize, been a busy weekend!!!
Hey, look at this, my first post! Hope to see you there in my New Beetle... if not then i will at least try to make it in a 98+ aircooled beetle :)
Are you still able to get us random parts??? I'm sure I can think of aa few dealer only items (even though my rear fog harness wire is still in it's baggie....)
Stone mountain event

New to this forum,first reply . It sure is good to know there is a get together so close to home. I live in Covington ,Ga. And if there is no unforeseen problems my wife and I will be there. We grew up in our early married years driving the real 65,67, 73, VW Beetles. We just got us a great used 2003 VW beetle GLX and still love them,5 speed at that. Hope we can make the get together.....:
Possibly Jose...I still have my connections. What'cha looking for?

and tooncrappie1....glad to hear about the New Beetle, hope you and the wife can make it. This is a GREAT group of folks and then we can let you know all about ToD in May in the process...Trust me, this will be the greatest group of people you'll ever know!!!
I still need the non-soft touch screw covers for the 06+ console. I swore I had a list, but that's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head
Also, would anyone be interested in a black swivel center console??
Last year, the air coolers put the new beetle turnout to shame.
More than likely the dealer will put out their own flyer for this event as well. It is primarily a beetle event, but it's very laid back and casual, so if you have a VW bring it. Though first priority would be the beetle :)
I still need the non-soft touch screw covers for the 06+ console. I swore I had a list, but that's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head
I will let Chris know and get you a price. I'm headed up there this weekend, I have to get an oil filter lol And getting it at the dealer is most of the time, the same cost or less than like autozone. :)
Last year, the air coolers put the new beetle turnout to shame.
So it's an all-VW show, then. Same thing happens up here at VW events. :( I was hoping that this was like ToD, Roswell,and Talimena, for Water Beetles only.
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