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9-24-05 Tony K, Berea Oh GTG.

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We didn't have as big of a quantity as we did the last time but what we lost in sheer numbers we gained in quality.

I was too busy hanging out and yapping up a storm to snap a lot of pics but I did get a couple.

  • Chris (Silverspeedbuggy) Showed up with his new MK V GLI.. and all I can say is "pure sex baby" :eek:

  • Johnny Ohio and his lovely wife Rusty brought both of thier bugs with them this time. Unfortunatly I forgot to take pics but trust me they were there. :wink:

  • Jay (Bugsy98) Brought Lilo with his... damn is that one red hot lil vert :)

  • Pete Doel aka Pdoel brought Hopper... all I can say is it ain't easy being green. :D

  • Jerry O aka Bugman brought Herbie and ya ya ya it was as hot as it always is :p

  • Don (Don_and_Herbie) and his son Theo brought thier Herbie with them as well... see ya next weekend bro. :wave3:

  • Rico made a breif but welcome visit. He hung out before hand but decided we werent good enough to eat with. :lol:

  • Bill aka WaWalker made a showing.. a little late but then again he is the republican in the group. :rolleyes:

  • Rich (Retrorich) and his partner Joan were as cordial as ever and made wonderful hosts. Rich, most of the pics are of Inkspot .. I hope you like them. :kiss:

  • Oh ya and well.... duh... Fowvay (thats me) and my beautiful, stunning, wonderfull, caring , lovely, wife (Mary Kay) were there as well. :guitar:
I had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next one, thanks so much for putting this together, Rich. :)

Tom aka Fowvay
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Thanks to all of you fine people for attending!

Thanks to Jay for those delicious NB cookies and the NB ornaments--custom painted to match the color of our cars! (Is black a color?)

Thanks to Tom and Pete for the great photos!

Thanks to Pete for downloading and installing Windows XP upgrades in my computer!

So, are you all ready for another Berea GTG? How about next week? :D
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Here is another photo (taken by Pete) that shows us drinking a toast to Lester (RockBear) who is presently serving our country in Iraq. Hidden behind me are my partner, Joan, and Don (Don and Herbie)


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Thanks, Tom!

But the message box says the photo is 42.3 KB and the maximum the board will except is 39.1. Can you knock off a few more KBs?


Thanks for the great photos, Chris! See you at the next GTG.
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