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9-24-05 Tony K, Berea Oh GTG.

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We didn't have as big of a quantity as we did the last time but what we lost in sheer numbers we gained in quality.

I was too busy hanging out and yapping up a storm to snap a lot of pics but I did get a couple.

  • Chris (Silverspeedbuggy) Showed up with his new MK V GLI.. and all I can say is "pure sex baby" :eek:

  • Johnny Ohio and his lovely wife Rusty brought both of thier bugs with them this time. Unfortunatly I forgot to take pics but trust me they were there. :wink:

  • Jay (Bugsy98) Brought Lilo with his... damn is that one red hot lil vert :)

  • Pete Doel aka Pdoel brought Hopper... all I can say is it ain't easy being green. :D

  • Jerry O aka Bugman brought Herbie and ya ya ya it was as hot as it always is :p

  • Don (Don_and_Herbie) and his son Theo brought thier Herbie with them as well... see ya next weekend bro. :wave3:

  • Rico made a breif but welcome visit. He hung out before hand but decided we werent good enough to eat with. :lol:

  • Bill aka WaWalker made a showing.. a little late but then again he is the republican in the group. :rolleyes:

  • Rich (Retrorich) and his partner Joan were as cordial as ever and made wonderful hosts. Rich, most of the pics are of Inkspot .. I hope you like them. :kiss:

  • Oh ya and well.... duh... Fowvay (thats me) and my beautiful, stunning, wonderfull, caring , lovely, wife (Mary Kay) were there as well. :guitar:
I had a fantastic time and can't wait for the next one, thanks so much for putting this together, Rich. :)

Tom aka Fowvay
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Rich I resized this picture like you asked me to. Just right click on it and click "save as".
retrorich said:
Thanks, Tom!

But the message box says the photo is 42.3 KB and the maximum the board will except is 39.1. Can you knock off a few more KBs?


Ok... now its 38.2kb
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