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Long time lurker, first time poster story here.

This is long winded so grab a coffee or beer.

I have googled and checked dozens of forums. I chose this one because a few forums will bash you and tell you to search while at the same time it took to write a nasty post they could have gave a simple answer. I have been working on my problem for a couple of weeks and have reached the end of the internet with no answers.

About me. Im not a noob as I have had a couple dozen VW ranging from bugs, busses, passat and now multiple Jettas.

The Vehicle is my Daughters 99.5 Jetta GL 2.0 (AEG) with the O1M auto trans. It was a beautiful southern car with no rust and well loved. The 2.0 was slow but ran like a Magtag. Only previous issue was the trunk plastic on the popper.

The Story:

My daughter calls me and the car is running funny and the oil light is on. I go to the car and it is already dark at this point and the car is hot but not overheating. I drove the car about a mile and it died. I checked the oil and it didnt register. The car stopped next to a gas station so i picked up oil. The car started but wouldnt stay running so i parked it and returned the next day to pull it home.

The next morning I put the car on a battery charger and let it charge and tried to start it and nothing. I heard drips underneath the vehicle. I found the problem to the oil being gone the oil pan had a huge hole in it. The vehicle wouldnt turn over and the hole in the oil pan so i assumed the worst that it was seized.

I looked on Craigslist and Junk yard for a new 2.0. The only one I found was a 2003 AVH 2.0. So i did tons of research on the swap and the consensus from multiple forums was that if I swap all the sensors, manifold etc it will work no problem.

I yanked the old engine and its not blown and rotates fine. I found out later the starter went bad. I swapped all of the sensors and everything from the AEG to the AVH block.
To anyone that does this swap dont mess around strip both engines. Everything is close but had minor changes.

I got the AVH put into the car and it made the same noise the old AEG did and barely roll over. The kinda noise that sounds like an engine setting up. The noise that made me find a new engine. The starter went bad so all of this was probably more than I needed to do. I think i could have swapped the oil pan and starter and been done.

The current problem is this new engine wont start. I have replaced the crank sensor with new and have tried the other two I have. I have two coils but both display poor spark. I have tried the GM coil mod to rule out the coil problem but the GM coils show poor spark as well. I have check the coil ground even thou only the 2002 jettas were effected by this. I have checked the ground under the battery. I have swapped the cam sensor and the fuel injectors spray.

I dont have a VAG-Com but I have a decent quality scan too. The tool showed the crank sensor as being bad so i swapped it.

The car has a new timing belt. I had issues at first timing it. The harmonic balancer and the Flywheel timing marks do not line up contrary to what Bentley says.

Current Its set to the flywheel or 1-2 teeth past what the harmonic balancer says. I have had the belt on off about a dozen times.

The car has a CEL but pulls no codes. It just turns over and nothing else.

I need a good way to test the ignition wiring at the coil connector. Currently it has a good ground at .2 ohm and I have solid 12v and the 1/4 and 2/3 inputs appear to be pulsing.

On all three coils the spark is a weaker orange color. and the spark is weaker on the second cylinder of the coils. For example 4 is weaker than 2 and 3 is weaker than 2.

I connected the GM coil using two different coil control modules with the same weak spark.

The block ground and the ground are good but i cleaned them anyway.

Im seriously at a loss.

If someone could go thru testing the coil harness and values, testing the coil and the control module. what fuses or relays im missing. I have 12 volts at the coil but maybe im not getting the right current.

Thanks in advance.

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Let me say that I am not familiar with an AEG to AVH engine swap; however if you do have a CEL and the scanner you use shows no codes, then you need a VCDS (aka Vag-Com) scan. There are some codes that non-VW scanners will not pick up.

If it were me I would find out what unknown code(s) is/are causing the CEL and start there.

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The problem was the engine itself. I had bought a low mileage engine off of craigslist that had skipped a tooth while idling.

The mistake was mine not checking compression when i had the motor out. All of the exhaust valves were bent.

I took the head off the AEG engine and put it on the AVH and it started right up and runs better than stock.

The GM coil mod with GM ignition is running great so far.
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