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I bought the first NB in October 2010 as my first car. It ran great for about 5-6 months until it overheated on my way home from school. Cant remember what was wrong with it then but we got it fixed and i drove it again about a week later and it overheated again and turns out i blew the headgasket. It got fixed again and i tried to drive it again and it overheated again and the new headgasket blew so we gave up on fixing it again and i need to sell it. We are not exactly sure what is wrong with it but we have considered pulling the engine out of the 98 and putting it in this one. It is a 1999 New Beetle Black with a manual transmission and 186,000 miles on it. It has leather, heated seats, keyless entry, power windows and locks, and new tires.

I also purchased another NB with transmission problems figuring my dad could fix it easy( he is really good with transmission rebuilds). So we towed it home and tried to crank it and it turned on for about 2 seconds then died so we discovered that it had sat for too long and the key was not coded to the car anymore. so we are told that if we tow it all the way to the VW dealer in Huntsville that it will start and only need a transmission rebuilt but we are not sure and have decided to sell this one too. It is a 1998 New Beetle with an automatic transmission and 120,000 miles on it. It had cloth seats and power windows and locks. It has a rebuilt title that we were not aware of when we bought it. im not sure what happened but the previous owner hit something on the back drivers side and the drivers side door handle broke off. Other than that the paint is new and the exterior is in good condition.

Not sure how much i want for them but just make me an offer if your interested. Im in Muscle Shoals Al. You can Call or text me at 256-443-2388 or for a more mechanical perspective you could call my dad at 256-702-6847.


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