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Well my daughter had to have a bug. So I got a good deal on the 99 New Beetle and now I know why…. The catalytic converter was shot and it was throwing secondary air injection trouble codes and lock actuator were shot. I welded on a new catalytic converter and fixed the locks. When I dug into the car to fix the secondary air injection to my surprise it was not there… none of it, my assumption was that someone removed it. However I don’t believe that to be the case anymore. As I was digging through the wire harness by the ECM it had no br/gn wire for the secondary air feed to the ECM. I am fairly sure it did not come stock with the car. I then turned my attention to the ECM and sure enough it looks like it came from the junk yard (had the mileage pen marked on the top). I then did some research and these cars did come without SAI. The ECM that was in it was 06A 906 018 CR which is a Calif car that came with SAI. I found a post on VWVORTEX that outlined the ECM numbers and according to the chart posted I needed 06A 906 018 AE which is a TEIR1 (no SAI) without cruise control. I got on the net and found one and ordered it. Put it in the car and everything worked fine but still through the codes P1452 and P1420 (Open Circuit on the SAI, because it is not installed) ??? From my understanding that ECM should not even monitor the SAI system. Any thoughts on why?
Is it possible the AE ECM could have been flashed with incorrect software (Bought it from a place that said it was refurbished).
Is the chart wrong and AE does monitor the SAI?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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