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Hello all,
I am Greg V. aka Tomuza and I wanted to first offer my thanks and appriciation for this website and the people here who have already given of their wisdom and experience from which I have and will continue to learn. I would also appriciate any help that you may allow to me as I progress through these problems with this new-to-me 99 Beetle.

Ok, so Heeeeere we go.....

I have a 99 Beetle gls 2.0 auto (white, pw, alum wheels, no sunroof, heat seat or trac? contr.) that has some issues and I need some advice before I throw more money into this car.

A lil background: I aquired the car from my mother who had let my younger brother drive it for several years. She has spent plenty of money over the years repairing it(in the 4k+ range) until she became desgusted with the continual troubles.

Ok, the car has had several parts replaced recently (6-8 months) Cats, Ignition switch, fuel pump, and others I would have to look into further (oil pan +, hood latch, and ??-other stuff) and most all repairs were preformed at the VW dealership.

the issue I have now is: No start/cranks and hits but won't stay running for 4 seconds... it revs to 3.5k and instantly drops to a sputter (slight 1-2 sec. idle) and shuts down.

My brother said he was driving and it would shut-off for no reason (1-2 times fuel pump/gauge). next, it would idle/run normally but began to shutdown as soon as he started driving and it shifted from1st into 2nd gear(again- auto trans). The last time it ran, it was a beast to start(no details there) but "they" were able to get(limp?) it home by pumping the gas pedal or something???.

When I finally went to get the car, It had been sitting for 4-5 months and the battery was completely dead (and a darn mess inside too). Jumping didn't work so, we pushed it onto a tow dolly (don't try this, car is too low :( Duh-me ) and I pulled to my home (110 miles) where I removed and charged the battery (good). The car starts over fine and tries to start but won't idle or run. sputters and pops for a second or two more if you pump the pedal but still won't run or idle.(timing belt to be checked too).
btw... radio still worked after batt install and noticed brief flash of black behind 1 gear indicator(limp?).

The OBD2 (actron scanner) codes I've retrieved are:

p0725- engine speed imp. circ. no signal (or)
eng speed sensor malfunction

p1543-throttle actuator potentiometer - signal too low (or)
manufact control vehicle speed/ idle speed contr. aux imputs

p1850-data bus powertrain missing message from engine control

p1857-data bus powertrain missing message from engine control (or) - Load(or Low?) signal error from engine control

p0725- repeat
p1543- repeat
p1857- repeat

I am looking to find someone who would be willing to come over with a Vag-Com and scan this car so I can get the correct readings to diagnose the trouble. (Williamston SC hint hint :D ) please pm me if you are available and we can discuss your fee and food and/or beverages of choice ;))

I have replaced plugs, checked wires and fuses(no #5,8,10,17,27, 30,33,35,44) and I'm looking into a fuel pump relay and fuel filter next(Fuel pump replaced recently). I am ready to order a crank, speed and MAF sensors if needed but, before I throw more good money after bad, would some of you who have the knowledge and experience with NB please give this post a look and offer your recommendations on which steps you would take next?

Thanks to all who post here for thier contributions that I have and continue to learn from the more I search and read for many days yet to come... as I learn more and more, I will give back to others just as I have done on the v4hondabbs I have been a part of for several years.

BTW: Sorry this was soooo long... but, I like for folks to have all the nessesary info in one place; it's become a habit for me. :eek:
(I promise to keep most of my post a lot shorter)

Any other info I can provide will be edited into this post most likely... just LMK what is needed!

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