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99 standard beetle wont start.

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i am stumpped. my car started making odd noises and then just quit all togeether on my way home one day and i figured it was the starter because i knew it was going bad. I replaced the water pump back in march.
heres the video of the sound it was making before it died:
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That sound on startup in that video I would say would be the secondary air pump, since it kept going for a bit. A starter squeal would be pretty short.

Does it crank at all? Are you getting nothing? Have you checked the battery? Timing belt? Have you scanned for codes?
Could also be a bad bearing in the alternator, which might explain the no start as well if if isn't/hasn't been charging.

Could also be a tensioner pulley. I would remove the accessory drive belt and attempt to spin each pulley by hand looking for one that won't spin or feels rough when turned.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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