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Hello.I'm a cartoonist/Illustrator with an interest in vintage cars and history.I just finished
a poster that depicts the life span of one VW beetle as it gets used by 3 different owners and then turned into a new Beetle.It spans the last 50 years.I did a lot of research to get it right.If your interested in owning a copy you can order it from Society 6 that does the printing and mailing.Makes a great gift.Here is the link.
Shaun Hayes-Holgate | Society6

Thanks for your time!

Shaun Concept art,Illustration and comics by Haze

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But you crush a Bug :crying:

Nice little drawing though :)
Reminds me of a line from Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang.

"we're gonna put her in the clapper, and then into the fiery furnace"

Neat drawing though, well done!

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